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4. First impressions

Mrs. Rachel Lynde kept track of all the goings-on in Avonlea, and was very surprised when Matthew and Marilla decided to take on an orphan. She was even more surprised when she met Anne. What were Anne’s first words to this very respectable lady?

A) Hiya, Mrs. Lynde. How’s it going?
B) I hate you, I hate you, I hate you
C) I am but a poor little orphan girl; please have mercy upon me
D) Marilla promised me you’d give me some ice cream

Your answer — D) Marilla promised me you’d give me some ice cream — was incorrect.

On meeting Anne, Mrs. Lynde spoke her mind about Anne’s appearance, calling her “terribly skinny and homely”, and even worse, commenting on her freckles and red hair. After Anne’s tempestuous outburst, she was made to stay in her room until she was ready to apologize to the shocked Mrs. Lynde. Anne resolved that she would never apologize, but the next evening a visit from Matthew changed her mind. Her apology to Mrs. Lynde was very flowery!

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