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3. Now I lay me down to sleep

After Marilla has decided that Anne should stay at Green Gables, she urges Anne to say a bedtime prayer, and discovers that Anne has never prayed and “is next door to a perfect heathen”. What does she decide to do?

A) Obtain a daily devotional series, called the Peep of Day
B) Send Anne back to the orphanage after all
C) Have Anne baptized the very next Sunday
D) Leave Anne’s spiritual training to Matthew

Your answer — C) Have Anne baptized the very next Sunday — was incorrect.

The Peep of Day, published in 1833 by F.L. Mortimer and still available today, is subtitled “a series of the earliest religious instruction the infant mind is capable of receiving”. Mrs. Mortimer did not shy away from telling the little children that if they did not love God, they would be bound in chains and put into a lake of fire, where they would gnash their teeth, and weep and wail forever. We are not told of Anne’s reaction to the Peep of Day. We do know that Marilla gave Anne the Lord’s Prayer to memorize.

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