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12. Kindred surprise

One February evening, Anne and Diana went with Diana’s cousins to a concert in Carmody. The evening was full of thrills for Anne, and led to her discovering a surprising kindred spirit. Who was it?

A) Diana’s cousin Annabelle Murray, who looked very like Diana
B) Prissy Andrews, whose recitation at the concert changed Anne’s opinion of her
C) Diana’s thin, prim and rigid Great-Aunt Josephine
D) The comical Sam Sloane, Charlie’s older brother

Your answer — D) The comical Sam Sloane, Charlie’s older brother — was incorrect.

Anne was invited to sleep over at Diana’s, and they were much honored to be allowed to sleep in the spare room. When they raced to jump into bed, however, they found it already occupied by a very indignant Aunt Josephine. Anne’s interesting apology the next day saved the situation, and Anne soon realized she had found another kindred spirit.

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