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11. Together again

After Diana fell ill at Anne’s afternoon tea, Mrs. Barry forbade Diana to associate with Anne. What made Mrs. Barry change her mind?

A) Anne saved Diana’s younger sister from croup
B) Anne, down on her knees, fervently apologized to Mrs. Barry
C) Marilla explained that it was all her fault
D) Anne rescued Diana, who had fallen down a well

Your answer — C) Marilla explained that it was all her fault — was incorrect.

Before coming to Green Gables, Anne had lived with a family who had three sets of twins. To earn her keep, Anne looked after the children, who had croup regularly. When Diana arrived at Green Gables in a panic, Anne grabbed the bottle of ipecac, used it to good effect, and Minnie Mae was saved. At that time, every household kept a bottle of ipecac handy, but it has fallen out of favor.

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