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10. Raspberry cordial

Anne and Diana felt quite grown-up when Anne was allowed to ask Diana to tea while Marilla was out. The occasion was marred by Diana falling ill and having to go home early. What happened?

A) Diana drank three tumblers of currant wine
B) Diana ate far too many green apples
C) Diana was suddenly beset by the croup
D) A mouse had drowned in the raspberry cordial that Anne served

Your answer was correct!

Marilla told Anne that she and Diana were allowed to have some raspberry cordial, which was on the second shelf of the sitting-room closet. It wasn’t there, but Anne found a bottle away back on the top shelf. Marilla had forgotten that the raspberry cordial was down in the cellar, and the bottle in the sitting-room was currant wine. Anne was too full of apples to have any “cordial”, but Diana, finding it delicious, had three tumblersful and became quite drunk.

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