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In Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy, which of the characters is in part a representation of Tolstoy himself?

A) Alexei Karenin
B) Count Vronsky
C) Konstantin Levin
D) Prince Oblonsky

Your answer — B) Count Vronsky — was incorrect.

Levin, who is as sober and shy as Anna is passionate and self-indulgent, achieves domestic happiness with Oblonsky’s wife’s sister Kitty, who comes to love Levin after recovering from her infatuation with Vronsky. Before they marry, Levin insists that Kitty read his private diaries, on the grounds that there should be no secrets between husband and wife. She is shocked by the sordid revelations, but in the end her love is unaffected. One can only speculate how the marriage might have fared in the long term. Fifteen years before Anna Karenina appeared, Tolstoy had required his own wife-to-be, Sofia, to read his journals. Their marriage then began happily enough, but its later years were harrowing.

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