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8. Hardly worth mentioning

When Rochester proposes marriage to Jane Eyre, there’s something he neglects to share with her. What is it?

A) He has a dark family history of violent insanity in the male line
B) He has a living wife, who is insane and lives in a hidden room
C) His deceased wife was mother of twin children, now coming of age
D) His silver investments in Peru have failed — he is destitute

Your answer — A) He has a dark family history of violent insanity in the male line — was incorrect.

Jane Eyre is an orphan who is forced by circumstances to make her own way in the world, even though she is a gentlewoman by birth. When she finds work in the house of the darkly attractive Mr. Rochester, a man twenty years her senior, she and he fall in love and are to be married. During the ceremony, it becomes known that Rochester is already married to a Creole woman, Bertha Mason, and that she is insane and confined to a room in Thornfield Hall, Rochester’s home. Jane flees, and eventually establishes herself within the household of a high-minded vicar. When next she meets Rochester, he has been blinded and maimed as a result of attempting to rescue Bertha from a fire — unsuccessfully. He and Jane get married and live happily beyond the end of the book.

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