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7. Feudal society

Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet tells the story of the love between Romeo and Juliet, the children of rival families. A pivotal role in the drama is played by Tybalt. Who was he?

A) A friar
B) A hot-blooded cousin of Juliet’s
C) A young man almost identical to Romeo
D) Romeo’s best friend

Your answer — C) A young man almost identical to Romeo — was incorrect.

The long-standing hostility that Tybalt, as a Capulet, feels against all Montagues becomes focused in Romeo when they confront one another at a Capulet ball. Upon meeting Romeo in the street shortly afterwards, Tybalt attempts to pick a fight. Romeo refuses, but cannot explain his reason: he has just married Juliet in secret, so Tybalt is now a kinsman. Romeo’s friend Mercutio, who is also present, becomes exasperated by Romeo’s unwillingness to fight, and himself attacks Tybalt. Both are killed, and the feud between the families flares up again. Soon Romeo and Juliet are also dead.

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