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2. Power couple

Antony and Cleopatra seem to have hit it off right away when they first met aboard her royal barge a few years after the assassination of Julius Caesar. Besides chemistry, what did each bring to the relationship?

A) His allies, his navy, her money
B) His army, her money, her navy
C) His army, her money, her spies
D) His army, his money, her allies

Your answer — A) His allies, his navy, her money — was incorrect.

Mark Antony and Caesar’s nephew Octavian were allied in establishing control over Rome following the assassination. With their separate armies they defeated the armies of Brutus and Cassius. It was then agreed that Octavian would manage affairs in Rome while Antony looked after the eastern lands, all the way to Egypt. Within a few more years, Antony was fully committed to Cleopatra. His fragile alliance with Octavian was over, as was his marriage with Octavian’s sister. He and Cleopatra nurtured a vision of imperial power, of an empire to rival Alexander’s. After Rome declared Antony an outlaw, he met Octavian in a naval battle, and was thrashed. He committed suicide, as did Cleopatra a few weeks later.

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