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1. Musician’s colorful love-life

After some early troubles, Orpheus and his wife Eurydice might have enjoyed a long and happy life together if only Orpheus had not made a critical mistake. What did he do wrong?

A) Entered the gates of Hades
B) Fell asleep while drunk
C) Forgot to dedicate a song to Hera
D) Looked at his wife

Your answer — C) Forgot to dedicate a song to Hera — was incorrect.

When Eurydice died of a snake bite, Orpheus was so distraught that he ventured into the Underworld to bring her back. Arriving at the court of Hades, ruler of the Underworld, he played so beautifully on his lyre that his petition to restore Eurydice to life was granted, with a small proviso: Orpheus was forbidden to turn around and look at Eurydice as she followed him back to the mortal realm. Unfortunately, this slipped his mind along the way. He turned to gaze fondly upon his beloved, only to see her instantly drawn back to the land of the dead.

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