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Welcome to Trivia Park. Please stay as long as you like and have fun with our quizzes. We hope you return often as the park continues to grow.

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The site keeps track of your quiz answers and scores during your session. To review your results, click the visitor avatar at the left end of the page header. Your current score is given for all quizzes you have tried.

Quizzes that are still in progress can be resumed by clicking Return to quiz. The link takes you to the first question you haven’t yet answered. If you have finished a quiz, the Review results link opens the quiz’s Summary Page. Review the questions and see how your results compare with the rest of the park community. Reset quiz clears your results, allowing you to try the quiz again in the same session.

Sample quiz results

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When your session concludes (for instance, when you close your browser), the information collected is discarded. Next time you come to the site you will be starting afresh, with all quizzes untried.

If you would prefer to have your results carry forward from session to session, take a minute and grab a free site membership. The upside is that you’ll get long-term storage of your results, the avatar of your choice, and an accumulation of other member benefits over time as we build our community. There’s no downside that we know of.

Quizzes and trivia

This site is mainly about quizzes. There are currently some 40 quizzes in our expanding collection. We suggest taking a little time to browse through the ones currently featured on our Quiz Selector page.

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We classify our content as “trivia” because our quizzes — bursting at the seams with information though they might be — are too brief to give you more than a glimpse into the material. They can give you a taste, not a dinner, but we hope they whet your appetite for more!

Trivia or not, this site is not about wasting your time. In fact, it can help you in many areas — your work, your social life, your mental resources. How can it do that? By developing your general knowledge.

General knowledge is the knowledge you develop over a lifetime. It is not the in-depth knowledge of the expert, but the broad, expansive, and inclusive knowledge of the wise leader, and her wise counselor. It is a set of markers on the landscape of human observation, ready to be connected by contour lines of human understanding. It is the context within which new learning is evaluated and absorbed. The more you have of it the better, because it helps you to understand, to reason, and to communicate.

Don’t waste your time playing games. Get serious at Trivia Park instead.

Triviality and us

“Trivial”, at least at Trivia Park, is not the same as “irrelevant”. When selecting the facts to cover in a quiz, we aim for much more than mere accuracy. We also think about, and give a lot of weight to, significance. Does this particular question illuminate the topic? Does it both enlarge and enrich the player’s understanding? Does it correct a common misapprehension, or bring to light something too little known? If none of the above, it had better be quite entertaining!

Regular users of Trivia Park might come for the questions, but they stay for the “tags” — the explanatory paragraphs that fill out the answer to each question. The tags are often a good bit longer than the questions they accompany. We make no apology. If you want knowledge, you should also want context. It goes without saying.

However, if you don’t want that much context, we’ve got you covered. The “quick” version, available for nearly all our quizzes, gives you a concise version of the quiz all on one page, and with concise tags too. It’s a good option if you’re in a hurry. Still, we recommend the full quizzes and a leisurely read if you can spare the time.

Looking back

Trivia Park was the second AHA! Software website. We created it in the year 2000 in order to give the Christmas Quiz from our Family Games website a home of its own. Call us sentimental, but here’s an early edition of the site, courtesy of the Wayback Machine:

We’ve had a lot of fun over the years researching and writing the quizzes, and we’ve learned a lot too!

We hope you enjoy the quizzes.

The creator of this website is Nick Sullivan, a Canadian writer, musician, editor, game inventor, software developer, and, of course, quiz master. Nick is a published author with two books to his credit, and a software developer with some 20 extant products. For many years he had the principal responsibility for the design, writing and editing of the respected user manuals for the Pinnacle Studio video editing software. He is also the principal author and maintainer of a number of active websites, including Family Games, Ahead With Music, AHA! Text Services, and his current personal project, Walt’s Band.

The other participant in AHA! Software and its modest archipelago of software products and websites is Nick’s wife Susan M. Scott, who has contributed indispensably though without fanfare to many AHA! projects. Susan is one of the few people you are likely to meet who has a joint Honors degree in mathematics and anthropology, so it’s perhaps not surprising to learn that her interests are wide-ranging. Many of the quizzes on Trivia Park are Susan’s work, including the recent Anne Shirley Part 1 Quiz, which has drawn legions of Green Gables fans eager to test their mettle.