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Mozart Quiz

January 27, 2006 was the 250th anniversary of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s birthday. In honor of that occasion we presented ten questions of varying difficulty based on the composer’s life and work. What was little Wolfgang made to wear when touring the courts of Europe as a child prodigy? What was the health problem that may have plagued him throughout life? According to the play and movie Amadeus, who was his nemesis?

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What are the fours for in “four-four”?

You may not know why notes have stems, and stems have tails, or why musicians use a treble clef when surely a double clef would be cheaper. You can still try our Music Theory Quiz. Just consider it a test of your intuition.

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The Famous and the Infamous

Here’s a quiz about a group of celebrities who never tweet or appear on talk shows. That’s because they’re long dead. Even so, most of the big names in our quiz are better known today than in their own lifetimes.

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A few years ago, in 2005, one national capital city could boast of a unique record: that its inhabitants included the largest concentration ever of chess grandmasters. Which city was home to this remarkable abundance of chess talent?

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From our Elon Musk Quiz...

Origin story

In which country was Elon Musk born and raised?

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People and Pop Culture

From our Cricket Quiz...

How’s that?

The first official international cricket match was held in 1844. Which were the participating countries?

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Sports and Games


From our Definitions Quiz...

The answer is blowing in the mistral

Each year, southern France is buffeted by a strong wind called the mistral. It is:

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