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Some are cuddly, some are fierce, and some are gone from the earth with all their kin, never to be seen again. All are part of the great Animal Kingdom, and so to one degree or another members of our own family. Here’s your chance, as a bipedal internet-using animal, to explore some points of interest regarding just a few of them.

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Every year at about this time we dust off the Christmas Quizzes that have accumulated here since we first cleared away the webtrees and commenced to build in 1997 or so. We offer four: Novice, Regular, Expert and Christmas Treasury. Try them all, even if the only thing you know about Christmas is that it starts with a K.

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Your Daily Question...


How would you play a paradiddle?

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From our Noah's Flood Quiz...

All around the world

Flood stories are found in most cultures, from Greenland to Australia. Many of these are very similar to the story of Noah, including the earliest known written record of a great deluge. What language was it in?

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The Natural World

From our Definitions Quiz...

The answer is blowing in the mistral

Each year, southern France is buffeted by a strong wind called the mistral. It is:

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Tower of Knowledge


From our Winter Olympics Quiz...

Starting line

In what year were the first Winter Olympic Games conducted?

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