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Battle royal

In September, 1066, a foreign force invaded England in an attempt to take the throne from King Harold. Who led the invaders?

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From our Cricket Quiz...

How’s that?

The first official international cricket match was held in 1844. Which were the participating countries?

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Sports and Games

From our Flowers Quiz...

Blue rose

In the Victorian-era language of flowers, a red rose means true love, a white rose innocence or purity. What does a blue rose mean?

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The Natural World

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From our Curiosities Quiz...

The end of Milo

The mightiest wrestler of ancient Greece was Milo of Croton, champion in six successive Olympiads. Even Milo’s legendary strength was not enough to save him in the end, alas. It is said that he lost his life in a contest with…

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Myth, Magic and Mystery

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