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Stick and ball games have existed since ancient times, but none other has the storied past, the exotic traditions, or the huge international following of cricket. Nor has any other game been so mystifying to the untutored observer, or provided as ripe fodder for mockery from those reared on less subtle, more easily digested entertainments, such as baseball.

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The Ashes Quiz

In 1882, an Australian cricket team traveled to England and shocked the world by winning the single Test match that was later regarded as the first Ashes series. It was a turnabout so shocking the papers called it “the death of English cricket”.

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Grisonable doubt

What type of animal is a “grison”?

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Musician’s colorful love-life

Orpheus and his wife Eurydice might have enjoyed a long and happy life together if only Orpheus had not made a critical mistake. What did he do wrong?

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Myth, Magic and Mystery

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It Happened One Night (1934)

In this romantic comedy, when the lead characters must share a motel room even though they are unmarried, they maintain propriety by hanging a blanket between their beds. What is their jocular name for the blanket?

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Nine Men’s Morris

The ancient board game known variously as Morelles, Merry Peg and Mills, is now usually called Nine Men’s Morris. This name comes from:

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