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Halloween Quiz

For some, Halloween is a night of revelry and masquerade, with everday social distinctions blurred by disguise. Others claim — or fear — to see a different kind of blurring, between the world they know and a phantasmal one beyond. But no matter what strange forces the witching hour brings on October 31, you will face them more knowledgeably if you have already conquered our Hardly Horrifying Halloween Quiz.

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From our Evolution Quiz...

This old planet

Evolution, the story of life on our planet, began not long after the Earth itself was formed — at least, not long in geological terms. About how long ago did the Earth form?

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The Natural World

From our Mozart Quiz...


Mozart embarked on a major concert tour of European courts and concert halls when he was only six. In the fashion of the time, which of the following accessories did he wear while performing?

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People and Pop Culture


From our Caribbean Pirates Quiz...

The rise of piracy

Caribbean sea piracy had its heyday in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. Which of the following contributed most to its rise?

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Wide World

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