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December 6, 2019   Every year at about this time, deep in our underground laboratories, the red nose on the master control panel starts flashing. The documentation for the panel was mislaid long ago, but we think it means we need to draw your attention to the collection of Christmas Quizzes that has gradually accumulated on this website since we first cleared away the webtrees and commenced to build in 1997 or so. We offer four Christmas quizzes: Novice, Regular, Expert and Christmas Treasury. Try them all, even if the only thing you know about Christmas is that it starts with a K. If you get nearly everything wrong, that’s OK — it’ll be a great learning experience. If you already know all the answers, that’s OK too — it’ll be a great showing off experience. Santa is watching expectantly. Don’t let him down.

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The Roadrunner and the Headache

Before achieving worldwide success with a long-running series of crime dramas, which well-known author wrote for pulp magazines in the 1920s, creating such unusual heroes as Dane Skarle, the “Gamy Crimefighter”, El Paisano, the “Roadrunner”, Ben Harper, the “Man Who Couldn’t Forget”, and Ed Migrane, the “Headache”?

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From our The Hobbit Quiz...

Getting ready

Before the dwarves will even discuss preparations for the adventure they are about to embark on with Bilbo and Gandalf, what do they insist on doing first?

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From our Winter Olympics Quiz...

Starting line

In what year were the first Winter Olympic Games conducted?

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