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July 30, 2019   Like nearly all things to do with the sport of cricket, the Ashes, a long-standing rivalry between the national teams of England and Australia, has a story behind it. In fact, a lot of stories. For instance, the fact that the Ashes got started at all is largely due to the singular efforts of an Australian fast bowler named Fred Spofforth, seen at right. On August 29, 1882, Spofforth’s bowling turned what had been a very bad game for Australia into an even worse one for England as their batting line-up collapsed in a flurry of ignominious dismissals. It was a turnabout so shocking that the papers called it “the death of English cricket”. The Ashes that the two countries have been tussling over ever since were supposed to be its remains. Fortunately, the rumors of death were somewhat overblown, and the England–Australia rivalry has been renewed with only necessary pauses every two years ever since. The 2019 edition of the men’s Ashes series begins in just a couple of days as this is written (the women’s Ashes was decided a week ago in favor of Australia). Whether you’re a committed cricket fan or merely cricket-curious, we hope you give our Ashes Quiz a try, and remember to play fair.

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Sticky wicket

What is meant by the cricketing term “sticky wicket”?

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As The Two Towers begins, Aragorn is searching for an absent member of the quest. Who is it?

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This old planet

Evolution, the story of life on our planet, began not long after the Earth itself was formed — at least, not long in geological terms. About how long ago did the Earth form?

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In 1592, a posthumous memoir was published that included a thinly-disguised attack on Shakespeare, characterizing him as an “upstart crow” and poetical pretender. Which late rival playwright was the author of the book?

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