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A quiz that’s on the money

September 14, 2015   We all have questions about money. The Money Quiz dives beneath the surface to ask the tough questions that are all too often undeservedly ignored. How would Bill Gates rank as a national economy? Who was the joker that invented income tax? We don’t claim the quiz will make you wealthy, but then in our experience not much does.

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From our Caribbean Pirates Quiz...

The rise of piracy

Caribbean sea piracy had its heyday in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. Which of the following contributed most to its rise?

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Wide World

From our Fairy Tale Quiz...

Behind the alias

When the little girl everyone knows as Little Red Riding-Hood first appeared in English, in a translation of a story by Charles Perrault, she was given a more conventional name to go along with her famous nickname. Her name was:

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Myth, Magic and Mystery

Something for music students...

From our Classic Bob Dylan Lyrics Quiz...

Transports of sorrow

It takes a lot to laugh. What does it take to cry?

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People and Pop Culture

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