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Cannabis Quiz

The wave of cannabis decriminalization and legalization in recent years means that cannabis can now be lawfully obtained in many jurisdictions, and is tolerated in others. The change has partly been driven by renewed interest among Western researchers in exploring the active constituents of marijuana as medicines. At the same time, a robust legal cannabis industry has flowered. For those who don’t know their cannabinoids from their adenoids, this quiz could be just what you need to expand your mind in unexpected new directions.

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The Shakespeare Quiz

William Shakespeare is usually regarded as the greatest playwright of all time, in English or otherwise. In this quiz, our first on the Bard, we pose ten searching questions regarding his life and his work.

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The Authors Quiz

All periods of history have brought forth celebrated writers, men and women whose words continue to attract readers when those of most others have faded away. Here we remember ten of the great and near-great throughout the ages.

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The Famous and the Infamous

Here’s a quiz about a group of celebrities who never tweet or appear on talk shows. That’s because they’re long dead. Even so, most of the big names in our quiz are better known today than in their own lifetimes.

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Your Daily Question...

Movar and shakar

In Scotland, the government appoints one person to be the “Scots Makar”. This post honors the making of:

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From our Games Quiz...

Nine Men’s Morris

The ancient board game known variously as Morelles, Merry Peg and Mills, is now usually called Nine Men’s Morris. This name comes from:

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Sports and Games

From our Classic Bob Dylan Lyrics Quiz...

Transports of sorrow

It takes a lot to laugh. What does it take to cry?

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People and Pop Culture


From our Flowers Quiz...

Blue rose

In the Victorian-era language of flowers, a red rose means true love, a white rose innocence or purity. What does a blue rose mean?

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The Natural World

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