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Technology Quiz

The history of the human species is to a large degree the history of technology, from the ancient discoveries of the wheel, the lever, and other elementary machines, to the rapidly developing high technology of the present day. In this quiz we present a brief sampling of moments from that long and endlessly fascinating story.

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The Shakespeare Quiz

William Shakespeare is usually regarded as the greatest playwright of all time, in English or otherwise. In this quiz, our first on the Bard, we pose ten searching questions regarding his life and his work.

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The Cannabis Quiz

After decades of prohibition, cannabis can now be lawfully obtained in many jurisdictions, and is tolerated in many others. Meanwhile, a robust legal cannabis industry has flowered with great vigor ever since the legalization wave began.

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Your Daily Question...

No small achievement

One of the seven “wonders of the ancient world” was the Colossus of Rhodes, an enormous bronze statue of a male figure. Whom did the figure represent?

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From our Explorers Quiz...

The voyage of St. Brendan

According to legend, St. Brendan and a group of monks sailed from Ireland to the Bahamas in the sixth century. The type of boat they used would have been a:

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Wide World

From our Threesomes Quiz...

Doomstead, Skinfaxi and Sleipnir

What are Doomstead, Skinfaxi and Sleipnir?

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Tower of Knowledge


From our Animals Quiz...

Strange relations

Hyraxes are small furry mammals of Africa and South Asia, whose diet consists of plants and fruit. Oddly enough, the nearest relatives of the hyrax among other mammals are the:

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The Natural World

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