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Olympics Quiz

An ancient tradition that continues to the present day… The Summer Olympic Games in 2004, when this quiz was created, were held in their ancestral home in Greece. For those who fancy themselves experts, and those who just want to know a little more about the Olympics ancient and modern, here’s a quiz to test your competitive mettle. Let the Games begin!

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The Winter Olympics Quiz

This quiz dates from the 2006 Winter Olympics, which were held in Turin, Italy. Since most of the events involve slithering around on hard-packed snow and ice at mad velocities, the winter games have their own special kind of excitement.

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A lot or a little

Farms in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan are measured in “sections”. How much land is contained in one section?

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From our Definitions 2 Quiz...

Four of a kind

What are the kina, the kuna, the kwacha and the kyat?

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Tower of Knowledge

From our Curiosities Quiz...

The end of Milo

The mightiest wrestler of ancient Greece was Milo of Croton, champion in six successive Olympiads. Even Milo’s legendary strength was not enough to save him in the end, alas. It is said that he lost his life in a contest with…

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Myth, Magic and Mystery


From our Classic Bob Dylan Lyrics Quiz...

Transports of sorrow

It takes a lot to laugh. What does it take to cry?

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People and Pop Culture

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