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Explorers Quiz

Set out for adventure in the wake of Columbus and Cook! Here’s a quiz about the long history of exploration, especially by sea, from the daring navigators of ancient times to Thor Heyerdahl in the 20th century. What kind of vessel carried St. Brendan of Ireland on his famous voyage to the Bahamas? Why did the Chinese abandon sea exploration after reaching Africa? Who was the first European to reach Australia?

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The World Geography Quiz

This quiz, one of the first to appear on Trivia Park, asks 10 fascinating questions, including… Which was the last continent discovered by Europeans? Which is the world’s smallest ocean? How many neighboring countries does China have?

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The Science Quiz

A hermathena is a composite rendering of the Greek gods Hermes and Athena, as seen here. Athena represents learning and wisdom, while Hermes represents eloquence and oratory. We made this early quiz as hermathenic as we could.

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Your Daily Question...

The mask before the man

What was the pseudonym of the famous British writer Eric Arthur Blair?

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From our Technology Quiz...

Intellectual property

To whom was the first patent for a technical invention awarded?

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Wide World

From our Salad Days Quiz...

Iceberg, a head

The Iceberg lettuce is a variety of Crisphead lettuce. It became known as Iceberg in the 1920s. Why?

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The Natural World


From our Music Theory Quiz...

Listen to the mirlitons

Musical instruments, the tools of musical expression, have been around more or less as long as human culture. One venerable and widespread instrument type is the mirliton, although it is usually called by another name. Which?

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Tower of Knowledge

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